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LIONHOP is Here!

When you hear someone mention the word IHOP most people would think of pancakes! However, Leanne Russell’s thoughts are different. To her it means an International House of Prayer. More specifically: LIONHOP, short for “Lion of Judah International House of Prayer”. Leanne is working (at the Holy Spirit’s Direction and Leading) to establish this project for God’s Glory and His Kingdom in the Williamsport, PA area.

        Update: MAY 2, 2

Since its launch in 2019 LIONHOP has become a force for the establishment of God’s Kingdom. and not just in the Williamsport area LIONHOP, is now recognized as a part of the Pennsylvania Houses of Prayer Network. Because of Leanne’s network of friends around the world (Which she built during her 30 years on the Mission field) LIONHOP is known around the World also.  

Shortly after her arrival in Pennsylvania Leanne began holding Prayer, Worship and Praise meetings at Eagle Mountain Word of Faith Church as it is LIONHOP’s temporary venue’. As of this update, the meetings have been well attended and as Leanne has noted: “people are HUNGRY for a move of God in this area however, that requires Prayer, Worship and Praise which is what LIONHOP is all about”. “LIONHOP will provide (eventually) a 24/7 venue’ for people to use to meet with God.”” If you wish to learn more about LIONHOP, its meeting activity, and its Mission, please check the Eagle Mountain Website’s Events Calendar and  the new LIONHOP Calendar web page.

Please feel free to come to one of LIONHOP’s events if you are able and meet Leanne and see what we believe God is doing and about to do, in the Williamsport,PA area and throughout this nation and around the world!. We invite you to come Pray, Worship and  Praise God with us. LIONHOP is open to all and there is no obligation to “join”. Come to Pray, Worship and to be Amazed by our Awesome God. 

The Eagle Mountain website will be used, temporarily, until a website is online for LIONHOP’s  use exclusively and it has its own “Home”. Please check this website for updates and information concerning Eagle Mountain Church and LIONHOP as God is moving in Williamsport,PA to establish His Kingdom in this region. Notification of upcoming events and activities for LIONHOP and Eagle Mountain will usually appear on both the Eagle Mountain’s Website Events Calendar Page and the “New” LIONHOP Calendar Page each month  until further notice.  God Bless!

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